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Search Engine Optimization

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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our SEO Course?

    • On-Page SEO

      Optimizing titles, meta descriptions, and headings. Utilizing proper URL structures and keyword placement.

    • Off-Page SEO

      Understanding the significance of backlinks for SEO. Techniques for acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks.

    • Technical Seo

      Understanding website architecture and site speed optimization. Implementing schema markup and structured data.

    • Content Quality and Strategy

      Creating high-quality, valuable content for users. Developing a content plan aligned with SEO goals.

    • Social Signals and SEO

      The role of social media in SEO and content promotion. How social signals may indirectly impact rankings.

    • Keyword Research & Analysis

      Conducting thorough keyword research using tools. Identifying high-traffic, relevant keywords for optimization.